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05.17.2023 - 08.25.2023

Les Ateliers Courbet is pleased to present a new ceramic installation unveiling artist-ceramicist Peter Speliopoulos’ latest series of works, named MITERIA. The series will be on view at the gallery from May 17th to June 10th.

This installation features MITERIA, a new series of abstract ceramics by Peter Speliopoulos, inspired by spring and its symbolism. Drawing inspiration from his Greek heritage, the mythical representations of the season, and the goddess of spring, Speliopoulos explores new glazing and texturing techniques on his abstract, free-form ceramics. This series expands upon the artist’s body of work, as he meticulously crafts each piece by hand in a way that emphasizes the organic irregularities found in nature. His attention to the material’s textures, layering, and use of firing techniques gives birth to a growing ensemble of unique sculptural forms with mesmerizing expressions.

MITERIA derives from the archaic Greek word ‘Miter’; which means ‘Mother’ or ‘Mother Nature’ – two symbolic ideas of fertility and life evoked by the verdant and blossoming vegetation of spring. With Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, as his muse, Speliopoulos references the growth and abundance of the season, as well as the ideas of renewal and rebirth.

“MITERIA vessels embody dynamic energies that are both ethereal and earthbound, and emerge from a vanished central point at the heart of the piece. These sculptures reflect the dual nature of Persephone, being both chthonian and vegetative. They feature appendages that grow upward and outward, reaching for light from the darkness”  — Peter Speliopoulos