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Martin Szekely


Domeau & Pérès


From the Domeau & Peres Editions Known for the perfectionism and craftsmanship exigence of his self-published design editions, Szekely continues his longstanding and exclusive collaboration with Domeau & Pérès with a series of tables named Satragno, presented in three open editions of different lengths. Each piece features a stamp of the Edition Domeau & Pérès with the artist's signature underneath the tabletop. Szekely’s Satragno table editions for Domeau & Pérès exemplify the two masters and the designer’s shared interest in pure lines, subtly revealing the artisanal dexterity, the essence of the material, and precise handiwork. The striated cross-section of the table is achieved through the process of joining five thin planks of walnut. After being cut, the thin 10 mm planks are kept in a humid environment to maintain the stasis of the wood to avoid future shrinkage or expansion. The five planks are selected based upon grain color to create a contrast to achieve the layered appearance of the table. Once selected, the master woodcrafters sand the planks to a thickness of 7 mm and layer the planks. After adhering the planks together, the table is meticulously sanded to accentuate grain inherent to the wood and finished with a varnish materializing a table that appears to be one solid piece of the wood from above, but is composed of five distinct layers of walnut. The legs of the table are created by the same process bringing continuity throughout.