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KIMONO | KIM 06 13


The Kimono rug collection by Marcel Zelmanovitch is an abstract homage to both 19th-century Japanese etchings and the French Art movement of the Nabis, incepted by a group of young French artists active in Paris in 1888-1900. The Nabis included Pierre Bonnard, Édouard Vuillard - whose work Zelmanovitch found particularly inspiring - and Paul Sérusier amongst others. Their avant-garde circle played a large part in the transition from impressionism and academic art to abstract art, symbolism, and other early movements of modernism. They believed that a work of art should not be limited to realism or a depiction of nature, but an interpretation of it, or a synthesis of metaphors and symbols created by the artist. With the Kimono collection, Zelmanovitch proposes a series of abstract interpretations of the highly expressive pauses and movements depicted in the Japanese etching representations of the Kabuki theatre actors. A fine layering of weaves and colors convey the sense of movement and evokes the Japanese calligraphic stroke.